Deborah Berman, MD
	Obstetrics and Gynecology
	University of Michigan Hospital System
	1500 E Medical Center Dr
	Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0999
	(734) 763-6295
	All medical groups at UM do weigh-ins as their procedure, but
	you can choose to decline if you wish. Dr. Berman asked about
	weight loss/gain in the context of other possible symptoms (my
	weight has been steady), and made a point of saying that it
	sounds like I'm fine with the weight I'm at, and no need to
	alter that. She even expressed frustration at other medical
	specialists who focus too much on unrelated weight loss as a
	cure-all. She is very helpful, friendly, and supportive of
	patients making their own informed choices rather than pushing
	an agenda. -- DP

Alicia Cohen, MD, family medicine
	Briarwood Family Medicine - Bldg 10
	1801 Briarwood Cir
	Ann Arbor, MI
	Phone: 734-998-7390
	I've been way overdue for a general maintenance visit for
	several years. The new doc was wonderful. She focused on my
	questions, didn't hesitate to touch me and didn't bring up my
	weight at all. So refreshing. 

David Cooke, MD, general practitioner
	East Ann Arbor Health Clinic 
	(part of the University of Michigan system)
	Ann Arbor 
	[Dr Cooke] was outstanding. He came right out and said he knew
	weight loss was difficult even with a thyroid that works
	correctly, and encouraged me to keep exercising. He said that
	exercising regularly was good for me even if I don't lose any
	weight. I was so happy to hear that kind of HAES-friendly talk
	from a general practitioner. He also explained a few additional
	things about my lab results and what they mean for the future of
	my thyroid health, something my former GP hadn't bothered to
	address with me. I felt heard and respected. -- Sarah R.

Gretchen L. Heutsche, D.P.M., Podiatrist
	3001 Plymouth Rd., Suite 105
	Ann Arbor, MI 48105
	734.994.3668 (FOOT)

Dr Kershaw
	University of Michigan Family Pratice.
	Briarwood Crl.
	Ann Arbor MI
	I weigh 400lbs and she has been the first Dr. that I trust about
	not getting the weight lecture from. And she actually has tried
	to help me avoid referrrals to Dr's that are not fat friendly.

Mark Klein, Podiatrist 
	Ann Arbor, MI

Lee McDonagh, dietitian
	Ann Arbor, MI
	(734) 668-8585

Elizabeth Shadigian, MD, OB/GYN
	2340 East Stadium Blvd, Ste 8
	Ann Arbor, MI 48104    
	Tel 734-477-5100
	Fax 734-477-5111
	She provides cotton robes (rather than the scratchy paper ones)
	in a multitude of sizes, has a custom-made table that is padded,
	extra-wide, and made to support over 400lbs.  In the waiting
	area, she had couches instead of chairs with arms. She asked me
	(w/o me having to say anything ahead of time) if I would like to
	be weighed or not, and when I said "no", she thanked me for
	letting her know and moved on w/the visit. (She even offered 15
	different sizes of speculums!!)  She spent over an hour talking
	with me and answering any questions I had.

Mira Sinha, MD, General Practitioner/Family Practice
	Packard Community Clinic
	3174 Packard St.
	Ann Arbor, MI
	Dr. Sinha is the first doctor I've ever gone to who accepted
	without question my request to avoid discussions of weight loss.
	She's more than willing to help me make the lifestyle changes
	/I/ want to make (i.e., starting a walking program, focusing on
	eating more vegetables, that sort of thing) without pushing an
	agenda on me. For the first time I feel like I have a doctor who
	is honestly concerned with my overall health, and not merely my
	body size. The clinic itself has armless chairs in the waiting
	room (the exam rooms don't always, however), there are large bp
	cuffs, and the staff always asks me if I'd like to be weighed,
	and if I say no, they don't push. -- Lisa Nichols, lisa at
	selkie dot net 

Brian McComb D.O., Family Physician
	Sheffield Place
	Bay City, MI 48706
	I am a 251 lbs women a wife and mother of one very active 3 year
	old. After finding my doctor I stopped trying to lose weight and
	accepted myself. What I had been looking for was a doctor who
	told me that some people are just BIG... and that's OK. 

Alla Sakharova, M.D., Endocrinology
	Michigan Endocrine Consultants 
	1949 12 Mile Rd # 200, Berkley, MI 
	(metro Detroit area)
	(248) 543-3700
	Dr. Sakharova is always very positive about encouraging
	improvement, rather than demanding one lose weight, and while
	she's pointed out that losing weight would improve the various
	conditions I've got (hypothyroid/insulin resistance/PCOS), she's
	also not forced the issue by saying that there's a range of
	weight she expects me to attain. I can always tell her, "look,
	this medication isn't working, and here are the physical
	symptoms that make it not feasible" and she listens and usually
	we find a compromise. At my most recent visit, she was thrilled
	when I pointed out that I'd lost inches around my waist by
	starting karate. Given that last week, another doctor told me
	this was irrelevant because pounds were what mattered, this is a
	huge thing in my mind. -- Janet Callahan,

Melissa Freer-Smith, RD, CD
	Two offices: Cassopolis, MI and Elkhart, IN 
	Nutrition Therapist, Personal Trainer, Intrinsic Coach 
	Specialty is eating disorder treatment and prevention, including
	HAES approach to health management. I focus on working with the
	individual and their goals for health and fitness outside of
	weight management. I do not check weight, unless it is medically
	necessary during the course treatment/nutrition therapy. 

(Also see entries for Macomb Township
and Berkeley)
Norman A. Bolz, General Surgeon
	St. John Professional Building One
	22151 Moross Road, Suite 132       
	Detroit, MI   48236
	313 343 0209
	I mentioned to him that I was fat.  He protested, saying that it
	was just skin.

Latisha M. Malcolm, MD: General Medicine
	2888 West Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI 48202
	(313) 875-4200 
	Once I described my past ED/weight loss efforts (failures),
	weight was not mentioned again. She weighed me without telling
	the number or forcing patient to look at weight.  Super friendly
	and competent. Takes lots of insurances.    

Mark Squire, Podiatrist
	Shores Podiatry 
	20905 Twelve Mile Rd, Ste 100 
	Roseville, MI  48066    
	22151 Moross, Detroit, MI  48236
	He's a big guy himself, seems to be happy with his shape, never
	ever brings up any weight issues with me.

Brittany Cigna, NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
Specializing in Health at Every Size personal fitness training
	East Lansing, MI
	(248) 961-3077
	Brittany Cigna has a personal past with weight issues, eating
	disorders and disordered exercise habits which is why she wanted
	so much to become a personal trainer and help those who may be
	suffering from similar issues. She is a fitness professional you
	can trust with your confidentiality as well as with your health.
	She will not shame or judge her clients, only encourage them and
	make them completely confident with their movement. She focuses
	on postural and performance assessments instead of weight-based
	assessments and creates a workout tailored to your abilities and
	interests. Brittany will do everything in her power to find a
	type of movement that you actually ENJOY!
	[NOTE: Brittany also offers fitness training and wellness
	coaching through Skype.]

Gregory Holzman, MD, MPH
	Michigan State University Family Health  
	804 Service Road
	East Lansing, MI 48824
	He took me as a patient when another doctor in the same practice
	dropped me because she refused to treat me unless I agreed to be
	weighed. Dr. Holzman has been kind, compassionate, patient,
	positive and focused on health indicators. He and I talked
	directly about weigh-ins and he said he did not require it
	unless it was medically indicated. -- Kristen Dunn    

Esther Rose Park, Nutritionist
	2875 Northwind Dr
	East Lansing, MI 48823
	(517) 332-3105
	The nutritionist I went to was one of her associates, Peggy Crum.
	The office is associated with a health program at Michigan State
	Peggy Crum is listed under the section: Nutrition Matters on the
	web site.
	I was a little worried that she'd just tell me that I was fat
	and needed to go on a diet. On the contrary, she told me that I
	could be healthy at my current size. She reminded me that I have
	a larger build and curvier body, and that weight wasn't
	important. She told me: NO RESTRICTING. Restricting yourself in
	eating is an unhealthy attitude. She told me that exercise does
	not necessarily cause someone to lose weight. She said to
	exercise for health and fitness. 

Gerald Lee, MD, family doctor
	Alpine St
	Grand Rapids, Michigan 49504
	I weigh 368lbs, am type2 diabetic. He mentioned (one time, not
	on multiple visits) that some people have had improvements in
	their diabetes with weight loss. He was very gentle in how he
	said it and not judgemental at all. He listens to what I have to
	say and treats me kindly. As to gowns, I had to put one on for a
	breast exam some years ago and don't recall any problems. Big
	enough BP cuffs are available. Most of the seating does have
	arms, but he has a loveseat-like chair that doesn't.

Karen Dempsey, MD
	Partners In Family Health
	4700 32nd Ave 
	Hudsonville, MI 
	(616) 662-2011
	She does bring up weight loss but I think she will work with
	people as they are if someone says diets make me fat. I had my
	ladies' exam today.  For the first time, I had a doctor lifting
	up the apron and examining the skin underneath the belly hang
	area.  She kept complimenting that I have very beautiful skin
	for a large lady (she didn't quite word it that way, she
	actually was very diplomatic about it). She asked me what I did
	to get such great results. I told her about using sudsy betadine
	surgical scrub for the fold and private areas, I showed her my
	amplesponge (availble from http://www.amplestuff.com) and I told
	her that I use the Walgreen brand of Gold Bond powder every day
	in all areas of my body that rub. (I find the Gold Bond to be
	not as fine a powder as the Walgreen brand, and the Walgreen
	store brand is better than the Target or WalMart brand.) She was
	very enthusiastic about this, as well as impressed that I can
	discuss these things with her and her nurse without
	embarrassment.  I also explained to her how we have claimed the
	word FAT and use it to describe ourselves and I told her
	personally I loathe the word Obese.  I offered to write up all
	of these tips to her and mail them to her to hand out to her
	other patients.  She was very grateful for the offer and took me
	up on it. -- Karen, Grand Rapids, MI

David C. Tattan, DO, FAACP CMD
	The Jamestown Clinic
	3165 24th Ave.
	Jamestown, MI 49427
	Phone 616-896-8382
	Fax 616-896-7669
	The Council recently heard from a doctor in the Grand Rapids
	area asking for copies of some of our anti-diet handouts.  In
	writing to thank us, he said: "The most used handout in my
	office is the Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Dieting.  I have never
	used the appetite suppressants in my office and continue to
	encourage a more active lifestyle as the key to good health.
	"Diets are very destructive to the self-image of many of my
	patients, which is even worse that the damage fromt he unhealthy
	diets that are promoted." I think he sounds like a gem. 
	-- Miriam Berg, President, Council on Size & Weight Discrimination
	I have now been to Dr. Tattan as a patient three times.  He's
	terrific. He actually listens, is not judgmental, has a great
	sense of humor, is interested in activity rather than weight
	loss, and seems to understand the pain some of us have gone
	through in the world of medical care. He's a one-doctor
	practice. His office is in a little tiny town 25 minutes west of
	Grand Rapids. Very friendly setting. I feel like I've finally
	found the doctor that I had been looking for -- one who is
	willing to treat me as a client, and who will tell me the truth,
	give me choices, and then let ME decide what to do next.  My
	first appointment with him was a half hour "interview" -- I went
	there to ask him the important questions.  It's rare to find a
	doctor willing to take that kind of time - and he seemed so
	appreciative of my honesty. As far as I know, Dr. Tattan is
	accepting new patients. UPDATE: Now that I've been with him for
	quite a while, I can say, without reservation, that he is
	completely "fat-friendly". David is a triathlete and believes
	that being more active is the way to go for better health. He
	never lectures me about my weight (merely keeps track of it) and
	oversees all the various ailments, big and small, I have

Rachelle May, PA
	Planned Parenthood-Women's Healthcare provider
	4201 W Michigan Ave
	Kalamazoo, MI 49006
	I have been putting off going to the doctor for several weeks.
	Planned Parenthood has featured body/fat positive literature
	from fat activist Regan Chastain on their Tumblr, so I thought I
	should take a chance.The staff at PP was very warm and
	welcoming. They had several armless chairs in the waiting room.
	I was taken to an exam room and was asked to step on a scale.
	She told me that weighing patients on their initial visit was
	"policy" and given that my condition is exacerbated by weight
	gain, and I was in my own private exam room I felt comfortable
	in being weighed and did not feel judged by the nurse. I was
	given a large blood pressure cuff and treated with respect and
	dignity as my vitals were taken. Next, I met with the healthcare
	provider Rachelle May, who was very kind, friendly and put me at
	immediate ease. She took the time to listen to my concerns and
	together we developed a treatment plan to address my healthcare
	concerns. Not once did shame me about my weight and emphasized
	healthy habits and did not just prescribe weight loss as a cure
	all. I left feeling respected, empowered and grateful for such a
	wonderful experience. 

Mario Coraci, DPM, FACFAS, Foot and Ankle Care
	16700 21 Mile Road #102
	Macomb Township, Michigan  48044
	(NE Metro Detroit Area)
	Dr. Mario is a big guy himself and he is aware of what weight
	can do to feet and ankles.  He probably won't bring up weight as
	a contributing factor to a non-weight issue.  He's got a great
	sense of humor, his staff is wonderful, and he's been good for
	both me (5'1" & about 280) and my husband (5'10" & 265 lbs). I
	wish I could find a family physician as understanding as he is.

Gayla Zoghlin, Family Practice
	47601 Grand River Suite A-207
	Novi, Michigan 48374
	Dr Zoghlin mentions when weight might be a contributing factor
	to injury/illness, but understands that weight loss is not
	necessarily the answer. There are large armless chairs in the
	waiting room, very large gowns, thigh-sized bp cuffs, and
	sturdy, bolted-down exam tables. They have a new electronic
	scale that weighs to 400lbs, but the nurses generally don't
	question if you ask not to be weighed. Note: Dr Zoghlin only
	works part-time and can be hard to get an appointment with. The
	other members of her practice vary greatly in fat-friendliness,
	but generally are good. 

Carol Monson  D.O. (NOTE: It's reported that she is now retired.)
	2445 Jolly rd. 
	Okemos, MI
	I have been a patient of Dr. Monsons for 11 years. Dr. Monson
	is a fat person herself and she understands the special needs
	of our population in regard to hygiene, skin care, and proper
	undergarments for support. I have even seen NAAFA info in her
	waiting room. The office has armless chairs, exam gowns that
	fit, and you can choose to use your own clothes rather than
	use a gown if you wish. Large blood-pressure cuffs  are readily
	available. Dr Monson does not seem to care about a person's weight
	one way or the other. She has seen me through a lot of weight
	gains and losses, but she has never expressed an emotional
	response for weight loss or weight gain. She has however expressed
	pleasure at a steady weight. She treats the person as a whole
	regardless of their weight. She does ask for a weight at each
	visit because she uses it for correct medication dosages. She
	almost never keeps a person waiting, is a good listener, and
	never makes comments on weight except positive reinforcement
	when weight is stable. 

Mark Armstrong, DO - Family Doctor
	25 Ida Red NW
	Sparta, MI 49345
	Dr. Armstrong one of the most compassionate and intelligent
	doctors I have ever met.  He does not attribute all health
	problems to weight. You never have to worry about small exam
	gowns because he sees you in your own clothes.  He will mention
	weight if it is truly affecting something (osteoarthritis in my
	knee, for example), but he has never suggested weight loss to
	me.  He seems to approve the Health At Every Size paradigm.  I
	weigh 290 and don't mind being weighed, but I'm sure there would
	be no fuss if you didn't want to be. The only drawback is the
	waiting room, which has armed chairs.  He's the best family
	doctor I've ever had and I drive over twenty miles to see him.
	-- Psyche, http:/psychedoutsw.blogspot.com

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